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The most successful way to Stop Smoking without gaining weight!

It's time to end the disgusting habit...

Overcoming your smoking habit once and for all is a liberating feeling, and has many profound benefits to your health, your life and those around you. 

I've seen and talked to more struggling smokers than most people. As a stop smoking and habit busting specialist, I've seen thousands of people struggle using pretty much every other "so-called" smoking cessation method under the sun.

Other methods either don't work at all, or they work temporarily because they focus on the symptoms and ignore the real cause of smoking.  Using my highly effective combined advanced hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, you too could be one of the 95% of success stories that stop smoking PERMANENTLY after usually just one session. 

When you tried to quit didn't it feel like there was a battle going on inside of you?


You know, one part of you consciously wants to stop smoking for your health, happiness and survival...but another part just won't let you!


The part that won't let you is your inner mind or unconscious mind (also called subconscious). It is the part of you where all your memories are "filed," emotions are generated and habits are stored -including the smoking habit. The unconscious mind is responsible for controlling over 90% of what you do and is very powerful!


The conscious mind, on the other hand, relates to only those few things you are aware of at any one time and is the analytical and logical part. It is also the part associated with your willpower. The conscious mind only represents a very small percentage (less than 10%) of your potential.


A few good reasons to
Stop Smoking...

1. You have a more healthy future, you can live to watch your children grow up

2. Lung Cancer

3. Heart Attacks

4. Stroke

5. Emphysema & Bronchitis

6. Infertility, Impotence & Harder To Get Pregnant

7. Cancer of the Throat

8. Premature Ageing of The Skin

9. Peripheral Vascular Disease (amputations)

10. Financial Cost

11.Bad Breath & Stained Fingers and Teeth

Because the unconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind you would have felt like a battle was raging on inside of you. The smoking habit versus willpower. The unconscious mind is responsible for generating the feelings of anxiety, a sense of loss, irritability, sadness, feeling out of control, and wanting to eat everything in sight. And because all these feelings were so unpleasant you went back to smoking, right?

The important thing to realize is you can't change your unconscious mind using your willpower - you need a different approach.


When you change the habit and self-image in your inner mind, you will automatically walk, talk, think, and live like the non-smoker you want so much to be - and who you really are!  First change the mental program...then your behavior changes. Once your behavior changes...your life changes!

Will I put on weight if I stop smoking? Normally those people who stop smoking using willpower or nicotine replacement products alone often transfer the satisfaction they had from the smoking to something else. This may be extra food.  In hypnosis however, we firstly to give you powerful suggestions that when you become a non-smoker your appetite will not increase, and secondly we help you transfer the satisfaction you used to get from smoking to something that is more beneficial to you such as drinking more water or exercise. This means you become a nonsmoker without gaining weight.

To stop smoking permanently and start living the life you want, call 443-494-9766 today.

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